There is so much more possible with the nanaIna idea

* multimedia * hypermedia *
* interactive * proactive * multidimensional *
* and lots more *

Hypertext Hyperimage Hypervideo 
Hypertext Hyperimage Hypervideo

nanaIna puts hyperlinks to all kind of media:

We all know links in texts.
We know too, that there is a standardized HTML-way to embedd links in images – but who really uses that?
But have you ever heard about embedding links into video?

nanaIna adds behaviours to links:
Each link can be animated. It can move around, follow objects, change its shape and colour!

Last not least: One click on a nanaIna-link can start more than one action:
nanaIna implements the the idea of „Combined Hypermedia actions (CHact)“ as described in the book „Beyond Hypertext„.

To realize all those options we developed nanaIna as a framework which can be adjusted and extended in any goal the user needs.

nanaIna is a framework of stand-alone applications to build professional interactive media applications.
Thus can be …
… specially designed browsers for desktop applications, …
… terminal applications as e.g. Points-of-Information or Points-of-Sale or even …
… mobile applications.

The nanaIna framework offers lots of options to handle media, to combine media and  to make media interactive:

Time labels Proactivity Geo labels

Time labels
To control the flow of a presentation time labels activate links.

To consider the users behaviour and needs proactivity labels enable links.

geo labels
To react on changing locations Geo-labels enable and activate links.

Free form links

Link captions

Community tools

free form links
For greater freedom in design links can have any shape.

link captures
For easier use links can be captioned with text or icons.

community tools
For more fun social media activities can be integrated.

Multi devices

multi devices
Shared presentations on multiple devices as known from second screen applications.

Support of 3D-graphics by integrated WebGL technology.

360 media
Integrated support of 360° media.


You don’t believe it?
Then just take a look on the
nanaIna demo site.

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