The nanaIna framework is build from several stand-alone applications:

nanaIna Player nanaIna 360 nanaIna ShowRoom
The player for „usual“ nanaIna presentations.
All characteristics for the use in the web are implemented in that player:
– links with individual behaviour in any kind of medium
– synchronisation of different media
– autoplay by using time labels
– and lots more
nanaIna presentations with 360° media.

By the characteristics of 360° media the implemented interaction is a bit different to the standard nanaina player.

A specialized player for building showroom presentations with nanaIna.

– links with individual behaviour as known from nanaIna
– autoplay of the showroom animation
– interaction with the showroom animation
– rotation around x- and y-axis



nanaIna CUTE

nanaIna offers a new way of interaction at your PoI osr PoS:

Everywhere where mouse, keyboard or touchpad is not availabe or possible you can use nanaIna CUTE to just wave to your application and to interact with it.

All nanaIna application are based on the same description language naML.
The idea of naML language is based on „Combined Hypermedia actions“ (CHacts) as described in the book „Beyond Hypertext„: