Your nanaIna

You’re fixed? 😉

You want to have your own nanaIna presentations?
That’s quite a good choice. Interactivity, proactivity, hypermediality can always be a benefit for a presentation or an application!

As the production of interactive media applications is not that simple and each application has its own individual needs, it is always hard work to come to the optimal result.

So how to have your individual nanaIna presentations and applications?

There are two ways to go at the moment:

  • The not so easy way:
    You could learn to do it by yourself.
    Just send us a mail, buy the actual nanaIna-player and the manual how to build nanaIna presentations.
    Read, learn, start … by yourself 🙂
    This includes a bundle with the nanaIna-player, the manual and demo presentations for €100,-
  • The easy way:
    You could let us do it for you.
    Just send us a mail and describe your idea or project and ask us for an individual quote depending on the scope.
    We will offer you an individual solution based …
  • … on our competencies in media production AND software engineering.
  • … on our competencies in interaction design.
  • … and of course on basis of the nanaIna-Technology.Then you give us your media and ….
    … we will build your nanaIna presentation – nice, easy and fast.
  • Or you take the long long way:
    Just wait, till …
    … we have developed the online tool for building simplified nanaIna presentations (not all options will be supported). But unfortunately …
    … that takes time …
    … so: sorry for the moment 😉

Get in contact!